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Energy – Heat, Light, & Sound, Grades 1-3 – Teacher Resource Book

The books in ScienceWorks for Kids, Grades 1-3, connect science with real life. Each book covers 8 science concepts that are supported by hands-on activities and ready-to-go resources. Each lesson relates to the National Science Education Standards.

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Energy: Light, Heat, & Sound covers these concepts:

  • energy can move and change things
  • energy exists in many forms
  • light is energy you can see
  • light moves in a straight line
  • light can pass through some materials and is stopped by other materials
  • light can be controlled by blocking a light source
  • heat is energy you can feel
  • heat can cause things to move and change
  • heat travels from warm objects to cold ones
  • heat can be controlled by containing it
  • sound is energy you can hear
  • sound energy is created by vibrating objects
  • sound travels at different speeds through different materials
  • sound can be controlled by changing the length of, or directing, sound waves
  • light, heat, and sound can move and change matter

A variety of engaging activities present the concepts in ways that students can understand. Each concept presented includes:

  • teacher directions for lessons
  • reproducible resource pages such as sets of picture cards, minibooks, and lab sheets to record the results of hands-on investigations


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