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Learning About My Body, Grades K-1 – Teacher Resource Book

ScienceWorks for Kids, Grades K-1 series of resource books connects science with real life. Each book covers at least 10 science concepts related to the National Science Education Standards.

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Learning About My Body covers concepts that address National Science Education Standards.

Concepts covered include:

  • the human body has structures and behaviors that help it grow and survive: the body has external parts, the body has internal parts-skeleton and muscles, heart and lungs, stomach and intestines
  • the brain controls body functions and is the center of thinking
  • humans use their five senses to find out about their surroundings: hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch
  • humans grow and change during their life cycles
  • we must take care of our bodies: nutrition, rest, cleanliness, exercise, safety

A variety of engaging activities present the concepts in ways that young students can understand. Each concept presented includes:

  • teacher directions for lessons
  • reproducible resource pages such as sets of picture cards, minibooks, and lab sheets to record the results of hands-on investigation


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